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[Competitor Breakdown] ElectricMan Inc.

Competition is a good thing.

Even when our natural instinct wants to tell us otherwise, we need competition.

Seen from a business perspective, competition shows us what out weaknesses are. And the more competition we have, the healthier and stronger the market your in.

This is why we love competitor studies so much at ContractorScope. We want to know everything our competition is doing right and wrong.

So we know how to beat them.

When we study our competition, we are not digging for dirt so to speak. It would be pointless to do so. If they were bad at what they did, they wouldn’t be around long enough to be our competition.

The free market has a way of keeping the garden clear of weeds.

In competitor studies, we strip down, analyse, and reverse engineer the methods the contractor is using to stay in the top position in Google for particular keywords. We cover:

  • What keywords they are ranking for in the top spot
  • How much, if any, they are spending on Google advertising
  • How much traffic they are getting to their website
  • And strategies you can use today to help your own website climb the ranks

Today, the focus of our study is Dallas, Texas area electrical contractor, ElectricMan Inc.

First Page Rankings

Keyword: Electrician Dallas

Electricmaninc.com has a couple of keywords that are currently ranking in the top 3 spots on Googles Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the city of Dallas.

The website does rank well for other keywords, but the relevancy of those keywords is what is important here.

For example, it’s nice for national corporations to rank for the keyword search term “why do breakers trip”, but it’s not really a term you need to rank for unless that breaker is tripping specifically Dallas, Texas.

The important search terms that Electricmaninc.com does rank well for are “emergency electrician dallas” with 90 searches and “electrician dallas” with a nice 320 searches a month.

elecman top 3

For this report, we will be focusing on the search term “electrician dallas” and what Electricmaninc.com is doing right to be placed in that spot.

Now, being a locally based electrical contractor, you would want to focus on search term keywords used to find services in the customers area. Thankfully, there is a lot of opportunity for rankings in other search terms in the Dallas area:

Dallas area electrician keyword search volumes

In the above chart you can also see that we have included the current Cost-Per-Click (CPC) rates with corresponding search terms. CPC is what Google charges companies for the privilege of advertising at the top of the search page.

The price you are seeing is what a company must pay Google whenever someone clicks on that link.

This means that for every time a potential client clicks on the top mister-sparky.com link in the image below, Google charges poor Mister Sparky $44.86.

google serp markup

Organic Results And SEO

As you can see in the above image, Electricmaninc.com appears in the first organic spot for the search term “electrician dallas” which is searched for in google 390 times a month.

Organic rankings are the website pages that Google places in that position using its famous algorithm. These are pages determined by the algorithm to provide the most value to the reader.

ElectricMan Inc. ranks in the first organic position for the keyword “electrician dallas.” This means that they do not have to pay Google to be in that spot on the page.

This means that Google has determined that the Electricmaninc.com web page provides the best value to the reader who typed in the search query.

The surprising thing is a webpage sitting in the top organic position might not truly provide the best value to the reader or potential client.

The results are just what Google perceives as providing the most value.

While nobody knows everything that Google’s algorithm is looking for in a website (Google knows but they aren’t sharing it) we do know enough to keep up. This is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ContractorScope.com is all about.


Why It’s Good To Be At The Top

It’s all about the click-through-rate.

You have a website for a reason. You want people to click on the links to your website, read all the good information you have, and ultimately pay you money to fix their problems. This is essentially what all business website are there for.

Your position on Google search results page effects the rate on which people click the link to your site.

The website sitting in the first spot organically gets around 18% of all the clicks. Second place gets only 10%.

click through rates for position

According to our analytics, Electricmaninc.com is getting an estimated 97 visits a month for the keyword search term “electrician dallas” without paying Google to be in that position.

Almost twice as much as the second place position currently home to a directory site.

Keep in mind Google often places directory sites near the top of the rankings because they have found nothing better to place in that position.

est visits

Towards the bottom of the search results page we find more electrical contractors paying Google to be there along with suggested search terms.

This time Electricmaninc.com is one of contractors paying for advertising space. Note the emphasis with “Fast, Reliable, 24/7 Available” in the title.

bottom of page search results


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is a term used to describe all of things that can be done on a website to improve a sites rankings. Search engines look on-page variables such as:

  • Page Titles and Meta Tag
  • Website Readability
  • Page Load Time
  • Image Compression and Descriptions
  • Duplicate Content
  • And many more...


Titles and Meta descriptions

Electric Man Inc’s organic results are a little different than their advertising titles. Both are optimized well with short but descriptive titles.

The meta description tag is relevant and contains the word used in the focused keyword search.

You want to avoid long and irrelevant titles and keyword stuffing in the meta tag.

There has been debates on the importance of keywords being used in the URL or domain name.

You want to avoid making Google think you are trying to manipulate the search results by using a technique known as “keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing was a technique were a website was stuffed with search terms in order to game the results.

And it worked at one point.

Not now. Google is now smart enough to tell the difference if you are stuffing your titles and sites with keywords to the point were the value to the reader is lost in nonsense.front page meta

If your page title is Dallas Electrician: The Best Electrical Electricians In Dallas, you might want to consider changing that.

Same thing for your sites page structure. bestelectricians.com/dallas-electrical or bestelectrician.com/emergency-electrician is fine. Any more than that might raise red flags.

For the meta description tag a simple description of the site with relevant use of keywords to display a sample of value the reader will find in the website.

Design And Usability

A quick look tells us that the site is 12.5 years old and using a common WordPress theme called Healthpress Theme as their Content Management System (CMS).

This is important for ranking in Google for two reasons:

  • The domain has a long history of relative content
  • They are using a theme designed to for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and is mobile friendly.

The website has a very clean look to it with a strong call to action being one of the first things that grabs the eye.

It encourages the reader to call because someone is “Always Available 24/7.” The reader is never felt that they are being an inconvenience or that they are pulling someone out of bed in the middle of the night.

ElectricMan Inc loves it when you call and is waiting by the phone.

Another noticeable attraction to reader is the clickable phone number at the top right of the page. It’s best to view this when thinking of the explosion on use of mobile of the viewer.

In three steps, someone searching for “electrician dallas” can have someone to solve their problem on the phone in seconds.

All they have to do is type in the search keywords, click on the first link that pops up encouraging them to call, and clicking the phone number.

Remove as many psychological barriers and excuses the customer has.

It should be smooth and easy.

The customer should not even have to think about if they should look somewhere else. Your services should be the only obvious choice.

Electricman Inc. home page

For someone who wants to know more about the company and letting into their homes, there is easy access to Electricman Inc’s active social media presence.

A strong social media presence is important and explain how when we cover Off-Page SEO and backlinks later on.

Site Analytics

We can also analyze other important Google variables for electricmaninc.com such as:

  • Site Speed
  • Backlink Profile
  • Site Errors

If we are able to easily test and measure just a few of these variables, you can bet that Google can and will do the same when determining what pages will rank one the first page or not.

The good news is that most common problems and errors can be corrected to make a site more appealing in the all seeing eyes of Google.


Site Speed

Site speed has a massive impact on your rankings and visitors to your site.

Sherice Jacob from Kissmetrics.com sums up the impact of slow page loading on visitor bounce rate:

According to surveys done by Akamai and Gomez.com, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with web site performance say they won’t return to the site to buy again and around 44% of them would tell a friend if they had a poor experience shopping online.

Three seconds? We internet users are an impatient people, aren’t we?

Take a look at our electricmaninc.com and see how they measure up:

speed test

It looks like Electric Man Inc. is a hair over the three second abandonment mark.

There are lots of variables that can have an impact on your sites load time. A few examples are:

  • Image Formatting
  • WordPress themes and plugins
  • Page Redirects
  • Server Responce Time

Lucky for us Google will even tell us what we are doing wrong that effects a pages load time for both desktop and mobile users.

It appears that even ElectricMan Inc sitting at the top of the ranks still has some work to do with image optimization and server speeds.


PageSpeed Insights desktop


The same errors appearing on mobile

PageSpeed Insights mobile

Check out your own website page speeds. It’s free! https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

Site Errors

When we talk about site errors, we are not talking specifically about spelling errors or artistic design problems. In our own research and field test, we have found that ascetic design has very little effect on what Google thinks of when ranking a site.

In the past we have created very basic test sites using two-color, default WordPress themes and templates that rank just as well as beautifully designed sites.

But bad spelling, improper English (if that is your target language), and ugly design do have an impact on the visitors to the site. And if visitors are running and screaming from your site it will effect bounce rate.


Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO entails all of the work outside of a website that search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo use to determine relevancy of a site to the user. The major points search engines look for are:

  • Backlinks
  • Social Signals

Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. Links I have used in this report to Kissmetrics.com and Google.com are links those sites would consider backlinks to them. Search engines use the number and quality of those links to also determine rank positions in the search results.

Also keep in mind that not all backlinks are equal. For example, a link from Forbes.com is worth way more than a link from Randomtacoshop.com. As much as we love tacos, it just wouldn’t compare to a huge entity like Forbes.

Although it would be nice to have a link from Forbes, you don’t necessarily need it to rank in the top three of the search results.

Remember, it’s the quality and the amount that matters. There are plenty of ways to get quality backlinks.

Backlink Profile

In analyzing Electric Man Inc., we can see that the site has a total of 119 backlinks from 34 different domains. This means that 34 other sites have linked to them. These could be from directories such as www.homeadvisor.com or Yelp as well as blogs or even other electrical contractors.

Using tools like SEMrush, we can see the source ElectricMan Inc’s backlinks. And this is only a partial listing.

And now that we know where they are getting links to their site from, you are able to get the same links to your site.

backlink list



Social Media

Social signals are also important when analyzing off-page SEO. Google and other search engines are increasingly using social media as an indicator of a website or its content is popular with readers and visitors.

Facebook likes, Twitter and Google Plus followers, and Youtube subscribers are all indicators of the popularity of a website or other online presence.

And Electric Man Inc. is no different.


Electric Man Inc. has over 700 Facebook followers and almost thirty reviews.

Another point of interest is the “Get Quote” button at the top right of the page. This is another great example of removing the barriers between a company and its customers.

A lead or prospect can easily click the button and communicate directly with a sales or service tech.

electric man face book

Another important point is that Electric Man Inc. does a good job of updating the page as well as interacting with fans and customers of the company.

electric man inc facebook

Google Plus

ElectricMan Inc. also has an updated Google Plus page.

An active Google+ page is just as important as an active Facebook page.

If Google is looking at social signals as a measure of a websites value to a visitor, it just makes sense that Google values it’s own social signals more than others.

Keep this in mind when we take a look at our next example, Youtube.

ElectricMan Inc Google+


ElectricMan Inc. has it’s own Youtube channe with 76 subscribers.

This is also another source of social signals Google is looking for to determine value.

ElectricMan Inc YouTube


ElectricMan Inc. Twitter feed with over 2,600 followers.
ElectricMan Inc Twitter


ElectricMan Inc. even has a Pinterest site with over 3,900 followers. Again, this is another source of social signals that point towards the website.

ElectricMan Inc on Pinterest


The success of ElectricMan Inc’s website sitting in the top position in the search results rest on well executed on and off page SEO, as well as a planned out and utilized social media presence.

Another purpose of this competitor breakdown to “lift the veil” so to speak and show you that ranking your website is not a great secret. With a little research, we are able to find what ElectricMan Inc’s on-page SEO, backlink profile, and social media outreach.

Kris Kitelinger is the Sr. Project Manager and content provider at ContractorScope.com. He can be reached at kris@contractorscope.com.

Follow Kris on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kitelik